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Problem or need services assistance with your video unit?

As a family you spend the longest hours with your home entertainment products. sidhipriya Enterprises can help you optimize the performance of your video systems, maintain them in original condition, create backup and help you upgrade from time to time.

sidhipriya Enterprises Consumer Services Pvt. Ltd is there to help you with the

of your

We take care of your video devices, so you don’t have to worry about their breaking down.

Typical problems with the category

  • Power not coming on
  • No Picture/picture not clear
  • No Sound
  • Speakers jarring
  • Remote Control not working

Possible Causes

  • Loose contact, wires cut, etc. due to dust accumulation & rat bite.
  • Power supply PCB/electronic circuit failure due to high voltage/short circuit caused by insects
  • Speaker jarring (due to dust/insects biting the speaker cone, etc.)
  • Normal failure of components
  • Remote batteries have run out/not sitting properly
If none of the above actions help please call sidhipriya Enterprises at 1800 42 525252

Our Service Charges

Product Category Product Type Model/Size Service At Home Installation Dismantling
Television All CRT Television 14" to 29" 350 NA NA
  LCD/LED/Plasma TV < 42" 550 500 300
  LCD/LED/Plasma TV > = 42" 700 600 400

sidhipriya Enterprises Service Warranty

We are confident of our work and offer a 90-day service warranty.

Use of Genuine Spares

Many people believe in saving a few rupees by buying/using duplicate parts which are “as good as the original”. It is always advisable to use genuine parts which have been tested for reliability. This will allow you to enjoy optimum product performance and will not compromise other critical parts of the product.

Cost of a repeat failure is usually more than the saving from using a duplicate part.

Service Network

sidhipriya Enterprises has an unparalleled service network in 225 cities across India. So you can get your product fixed in any part of the country through a known and reliable partner.
Check to see the closest sidhipriya Enterprises location.