We are performing L4 level repairs of mobiles comprising of software updation, change of components such as system connectors, flex cable, Power management IC etc. We are basically receiving Handsets from Vendors. The process followed for Walk In customers & ASP’s is almost the same with minor variations as per system requirements. The repair process comprises of following stages:-

  • Receiving Stage
  • ELS (Entry Level Screening)Stage
  • Diagnose/Repair/Software Up gradation Stage
  • QC Stage
  • Call Closing/Dispatch Stage

Receiving Stage

  • In this stage the handsets received from customer/dealer or local stores (from ASP’s) are checked for physical qty as well for warranty in shop floor package RV-SMS and in case of principals, POP is collected.
  • Front Office personnel enters the relevant information like Customer name, address, Contact No, Email id, customer reported problem etc in ELS Form and fforwards the handset to ELS engineer.

ELS Stage

  • In this stage ELS engineer performs the Entry Level screening of the handset covering various aesthetic as well functional checks and handover the ELS form with his comments to front office coordinator for job sheet creation.
  • Then the repair estimate is provided to the customer depending upon the warranty status.
  • Depending upon the approval status either the set is forwarded to Diagnose/Repair/Software Up gradation stage or handed over to customer as RWR.

Diagnose/Repair/Software up gradation Stage

  • In this stage handsets are functionally checked & bifurcated as NTF, Software updating or Re-work.
  • Repair activity is performed as per the diagnosed problem & it is ensured that the problem gets rectified.
  • After thoroughly performing various functional checks the handset is forwarded to QC stage with the detailed repair activity punched in the job sheet.

QC Stage

  • In this stage the final product is checked for cosmetic as well functional aspects.
  • Once the set passes all the tests, it is forwarded to dispatch Stage.

Call Closing/ Dispatch Stage

  • Once the set is approved from QC, call closer is being done in RV-SMS with relevant information such as repair activity, part consumption & qty.
  • And the set is handed over to the courier personnel with attached Closing Job Sheet & approved challans in customer’s name.